Tale From The Tee

My recent golf trip to Myrtle Beach prompted a question from a non-golfer on how weekend hackers prepare for the upcoming golf season. Made me wonder. I guess most of us venture out to our local golf shops, wandering up and down the stocked isles looking for that little bit of magic that will improve our game. Maybe, it’s a new and improved driver with a larger club face that will drive the ball deeper into the woods and out of bounds. Maybe it’s a new longer and softer golf ball, which will make less ripples as it enters the water hazard. Or it could be the latest apparel which will make us look great and feel great as we approach the first tee.

Judging by my test results from the 9 rounds of golf in 6 days, my score actually increased the more I played. The first day I scored 89 with 3 birdies and one attempt at an eagle. My preparation was a mere handful of mighty practice swings just before I hit the first tee at Heathland golf course. Par 5, on in two shots, putting for eagle, made my bird. By the last round, I was switching golf balls, talking to my clubs, changing grips, etc etc. Then, my friend Joe reminded me of something someone once told him…Manny, the minute you realize you’re not that good at golf, is when you will actually start having fun at it.