2022 – A Work in Progress

One way to ensure we all have a better year, if you haven’t done so already, is to set some goals. Setting personal or business goals is a way for us to help plan for a successful 2022.

You might have already forgotten about 2021 and have set new sales achievement goals, new health and diet goals, new travel goals, every goal possible that will help us improve on last year and make this year, our best ever. But how do we go about doing it in a way that will outlast the everpresent pressures and temptations, as well as the overwhelming stats that tell us that we are doomed to fail, within the first 31 days?

In other words, how do we ensure success? Below are some tips that I like to follow to ensure that I stay on the right track for the entire year:

I like to set what are called, SMART goals. The acronym speaks for itself and is very easy to follow. Make your goals: Specific to help with effective planning, Measurable by using data or metrics to concretize your progress, Achievable within your own limits, skills and timeframe, Relevant by aligning them with your own values and long-term plans, and finally, Time-based by setting a realistic yet ambitious timeline.

Additionally, experts tell us to find an accountability partner. Challenge someone else to follow your goal and make it their own. It’s one thing to succumb to your own internal voice when it’s telling you to ‘stay indoors today because only foolish people would go workout in this cold weather’, but it’s another when your accountability partner is outside your door waiting for ya!

Another very important step to goal setting is to write your goals down and keep it where you can see it, read it. Having goals set in stone will help us to be more accountable, and focused – even at the subconscious level.  It’s a promise to ourselves, and one that is easily more effective, if we have a constant reminder of it. I remember making new year resolutions (goals) to quit smoking, but I would never tell anyone what I was doing, just in case I failed. Well, that was always a self-fulfilling prophecy. The best part about completing a written goal, is the rush of crossing it off your list – victory!

Create a roadmap to your own success. Goals alone will not get you there, you will need a plan of action. First, we create the what?, then we create the how? In sales, we have units sold or dollar GCI goals. Great, but how will we accomplish our goal? What lead generation platforms will we engage in? Social media, door knocking, cold calling, MEGA OH, working our database, combination of all of the above? The take-away here is to be specific about the tools you will need to achieve your goals. 

Some other quick tips: Make goals attainable and realistic. In my opinion, aiming too high and missing the mark, will seem like a failure. Make goals realistic and adjust upward, if you are ahead of your mark.  Allow yourself some wiggle room for set backs by breaking down the year into 4 quarters. If you miss the mark in one quarter, you may still make it up on the next.

Now, it’s all about execution.

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