2022 – A Work in Progress

One way to ensure we all have a better year, if you haven’t done so already, is to set some goals. Setting personal or business goals is a way for us to help plan for a successful 2022.

You might have already forgotten about 2021 and have set new sales achievement goals, new health and diet goals, new travel goals, every goal possible that will help us improve on last year and make this year, our best ever. But how do we go about doing it in a way that will outlast the everpresent pressures and temptations, as well as the overwhelming stats that tell us that we are doomed to fail, within the first 31 days?

In other words, how do we ensure success? Below are some tips that I like to follow to ensure that I stay on the right track for the entire year:

I like to set what are called, SMART goals. The acronym speaks for itself and is very easy to follow. Make your goals: Specific to help with effective planning, Measurable by using data or metrics to concretize your progress, Achievable within your own limits, skills and timeframe, Relevant by aligning them with your own values and long-term plans, and finally, Time-based by setting a realistic yet ambitious timeline.

Additionally, experts tell us to find an accountability partner. Challenge someone else to follow your goal and make it their own. It’s one thing to succumb to your own internal voice when it’s telling you to ‘stay indoors today because only foolish people would go workout in this cold weather’, but it’s another when your accountability partner is outside your door waiting for ya!

Another very important step to goal setting is to write your goals down and keep it where you can see it, read it. Having goals set in stone will help us to be more accountable, and focused – even at the subconscious level.  It’s a promise to ourselves, and one that is easily more effective, if we have a constant reminder of it. I remember making new year resolutions (goals) to quit smoking, but I would never tell anyone what I was doing, just in case I failed. Well, that was always a self-fulfilling prophecy. The best part about completing a written goal, is the rush of crossing it off your list – victory!

Create a roadmap to your own success. Goals alone will not get you there, you will need a plan of action. First, we create the what?, then we create the how? In sales, we have units sold or dollar GCI goals. Great, but how will we accomplish our goal? What lead generation platforms will we engage in? Social media, door knocking, cold calling, MEGA OH, working our database, combination of all of the above? The take-away here is to be specific about the tools you will need to achieve your goals. 

Some other quick tips: Make goals attainable and realistic. In my opinion, aiming too high and missing the mark, will seem like a failure. Make goals realistic and adjust upward, if you are ahead of your mark.  Allow yourself some wiggle room for set backs by breaking down the year into 4 quarters. If you miss the mark in one quarter, you may still make it up on the next.

Now, it’s all about execution.

Shed it, but don’t forget it!


As we approached the end of 2021, and now that we are in early 2022, I often came across this phrase, which was stated or written with such disdain… Good bye and good riddance to 2021!It is almost implicit that 2022 will be better, but will it be, and more importantly, does it need to be?

Sure, 2021 was difficult due to every possible restriction or challenge directly or indirectly attributable to the pandemic. But was it all bad? Do we really mean good riddance? Let’s reflect! I would be interested to hear or read your perspectives.

Where were you when? Landmark anniversaries and events mark us. We often associate a memorable event, good or bad, to where we were on that date. I remember vividly where I was when Elvis Presley died; Where I was when the Toronto maple leaf’s won their last Stanley Cup (was I even born), etc. You know what I mean.

You and I all know where we were and what we did during the Covid19 pandemic…we were right in the middle of it! We are living it! We loved, struggled, lost, gained, learned, and continue to survive  it together. We are living history, we made history. Experiences to share with and shape future generations. So, do we want to shed these memories from our lives, from our existence? Do we say “good riddance” to the last couple of years, pretend it never happened and forget about it? Or, do we hold onto the past as we ease into the New Year?
Personally, I feel that I have grown over the past couple of years, as a broker/manager, and as a person. Yet, I have so much more to learn and, I would hope, also to give. I am proud of the processes and procedures we put in place, as a brokerage. I am proud of the enduring struggle for fiscal survival, the learning, the constant adjusting to the next new norm. 2021 was an amazing platform for learning, whether as a real estate professional and/or as a person. Working with each of you has given me such a wealth of wisdom. I have no doubt that each and everyone of us has grown, has learned, has developed greater empathy, greater respect and appreciation for the smaller things in life, and I trust, greater compassion toward others. I don’t want to forget any of that, rather, I hope to grow because of it.

Shed the old skin…Spiders shed the old skin, in order to allow for growth. This process is called molting and allows this creature to live better, live longer  in the new skin, yet, it remains a spider.

As 2021 came to its end, I too was shedding. I shed my first known case of Covid-19, I shed some  hardships born out of this pandemic, but I am also able to shelf my wins. Wins such as my relationships and my many wonderful experiences, inside and outside of my work environment.  Together, we did amazing things for the less fortunate in our communities, while carrying on our tremendous service to our clients and customers. Every single effort put forth and every charitable dollar raised  was a win which will have continuous and irreversible future benefits to its respective cause.

Shed it, but don’t forget it…Our past will help shape our future, let’s continue to grow together. I ask for you all to help me with my evolution as a manager, as a person, as a friend and as the overseer of our wonderful brokerage. Come see what we are doing in 2022. Ask us about how you can participate and contribute, bring us your suggestions and your continued support. Let us not forget 2021, but rather, let us celebrate it and use it as a springboard to an amazing 2022!

Raise a glass to 2021, lift a spirit, and let us all aim higher, in 2022!

Person in the Mirror

Every new year brings a fresh beginning, a sense of redemption and hope for bigger and better things. Diets, fitness, worship, friends, spouses and even wardrobes – it is out with the old, in with the new. Funny enough, January is considered “divorce month”. People start looking for information before the New Year starts, but they can’t do much until the attorneys are back in the office. January 12-16 seems to be the magic week for filings.

Not long after, come big ticket events such as the super bowl, Valentines Day, and a plethora of other social events and functions that will lead even the most committed souls to deviate or even outright give up on their blood sworn oaths to change. You see, change from our forever norms which are deeply rooted and ingrained in our DNA, is not as easy or simple as it may seem. Change from these old habits requires more than willpower or faith – it’s deeper than that…it’s a shift in our thoughts, ways, and innate behaviours and even circle of influence. Take a dog that has been exposed to aggression and conflict with others, remove the dog from the fight but you still have the fight in the dog. To change it’s behaviour fundamentally,  one would imagine that most drastic changes would need to occur. Cruel and harsh measures like defang, declaw, muffle its bark and dampen it’s senses, expose it to doggy daycares and walks in the park. Now, we have a more docile dog which can identify differently and respond differently from it’s previous norm.

Caution, however, the new version of the old dog is more like a docile puppy, and it and everyone around it, must get used to and learn to like the “new version”, of the old dog.

Change too much and those around you may not like the new and improved. Just ask Coca-Cola.

Kidding aside folks, set goals that are achievable and reasonable. SMART goals, as they call them.

ABCDs of goals… Great Attitude, shift in Behaviour, Commit to goals, avoid Distractions along your way. Celebrate when you succeed, modestly or otherwise, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t. After all, we are all dogs of different temperaments and maybe, just maybe, are happy just as we are.