Confessions of a Pet Parent

From 2016 to 2018, the Canadian dog population has continued to grow while the population of cats has stabilized. Dog population figures for 2018 increased to 8.2 million, up from 7.6 million in 2016.  The Canadian dog population is now nearly equal to the cat population for the first time since these measures were established in 2004.

I have, by way of my children, been a pet parent, specifically a dog, since 2002. Truth be told, as a new owner and master of a Jack Russell Terrier, I didn’t always fulfill my duties when it came to poop and scoop obligations. I, at times was unprepared and let it lie where it dropped, and I profusely apologize to my former neighbours.

Today, my daughter and I share parenting duties to a Beagle/Boxer mix, that is significantly heavier than our previous dog, and definitely leaves a heftier poop footprint, if you know what I mean. However, I am much more prepared now, and diligently follow through with my poop and scoop duties. I live in mid-town Toronto, and when I am out and about with or without my dog, I see other responsible pet owners dutifully walking their “best friend” on a leash with poopy bags in hand. 

Now, I understand that there are times where we let it lie where it may, if we happen to be unprepared, however, let’s talk about how owners:

  • spayed and neutered their FIDO
  • licensed it 
  • feed it
  • care for it
  • walk it
  • pay thousands to vet’s for care
  • purchase poop bags

All this work, just to toss said poop bags back onto people’s lawns, when they are full..why not just go back to my early days as a pet owner and leave it on the lawn, forgoing the plastic bags?! Just a reminder to all the pet owner’s out there and some of my neighbours, there is a Toronto by-law which requires that all dog handlers to immediately remove their pet’s waste and dispose of it on their own premises. There are some exemptions for service dogs. Failure to comply with this by-law can result in a whopping $365 ticket – something to keep in mind on your next walk!

So folks, be nice, go the extra step and carry it home with you.

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