Budding star…


Allow me to introduce young Bruno, a recent conversion to SCP soccer club of Toronto, and a budding soccer star. A young man with obvious great taste in soccer clubs.

Bruno, together with mom and dad, have enrolled in a local soccer academy, where Bruno will undoubtedly develop his hand eye co-ordination, build strength and stamina, and most importantly, where Bruno will develop strength in character and a better understanding of team concepts and team spirit. These important social skills will follow young Bruno, throughout his life’s path. No matter where he lands or what career path he chooses.

So, the benefits of enrolling young boys and girls in soccer or any other team sport are many. We help develop and strengthen our local economy and support groups, we help develop our young minds into responsible citizens and future community leaders, while keeping the precious little ones engaged and away from trouble. Let’s not forget the infectious smiles and the unquantifiable joy this brings to the kids.

Soccer is fun, affordable and a fast growing sport. Get the kids out there.



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