Our reality.

Trite…The dictionary describes this as “not interesting or effective”. This is how I would describe last Friday’s puff piece about unscrupulous Realtors. With hidden camera in hand, the report targets Realtors most likely to fail. Missing from this report, footage or mention of the ones acting ethically and professionally.

As a veteran Realtor, I wish to apologize to the consumers who were inflicted; to the rest of the industry professionals who strive to serve their buyers and sellers effectively, professionally and ethically, and to anyone else who was as insulted and disturbed by what they saw.

What is important for us to recognize is that these individuals would be as misguided or unethical, if they were anything other than Realtors. This is just a slice of our society. This is like a few corrupt politicians making the entire sector look bad; a few bad cops tarnishing the job that most others do very well; a few rotten letter carriers that throw away mail; a small group of employees that make the others look bad; athletes on steroids, where most aren’t.  You see, it’s not the industry we are in; it’s the individual in it. As the phrase reminds us, everywhere you go, there you are”.

The report details how in Australia, where real estate is also scarce, parched buyers standing out in the Auzzie heat, gather round a slick talking auctioneer with microphone in one hand and a property deed  in the other. In 15 minutes, he has bid up the house price $100,000.00 over the seller’s best expectations.  Brings a new meaning to the phrase “feeling the heat”.

Not for me, give me a professional Buyer Agent any day. A professional that will help me negotiate fairly, honestly and ethically. A professional who will help control the anguish and anxiety often associated with home buying. One who will guide me through the search process, through the negotiating process, and through every other detail associated with home buying. One I will refer time and time again.

On the eve of this report being aired, a past client sent this to one of our Realtors…” Hi Sarah, I saw the below description of the Marketplace episode scheduled to air this evening and thought of you.  We are so thankful, once again, that we had you as our realtor. Thanks for being so ethical and transparent. You are an example of excellent in your profession”.

So, where does a consumer find these Realtors? Ask for referrals and for testimonials. Interview the individual and ask questions. There is no shortage of professional and ethical Realtors in our industry, just ask a friend.

Long live the buyer agent.

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