Just do it

Thursday trip to WLU took 2 hours and 15 minutes, Friday morning heading out of the city, same mess. Brave souls risk life and limb by cycling.  Imagine what this city will be like in ten years.  In 2014, mayor John Tory announced his “Smart Track” plan,  the mayor’s campaign pitched this as a full embrace of the “RER Vision,” which would bring Toronto into the same league as London, U.K. and other cities with extensive commuter rail networks. This means that the mayor looks at transit not as the “TTC” or “GO,” but as one system that should exploit whatever resources are available to move people around the region. Mayor Tory said SmartTrack would open by 2021, and offer service at least every 15 minutes. The Scarborough subway would still be under construction, and a good chunk of the subway’s potential riders would have a better way to get around the city. However, in June, 2016, his much-ballyhooed project has shrunk significantly from the 22-station vision he put forward on the campaign trail, and critics say it’s become virtually identical to the province’s pre-existing Regional Express Rail initiative.
With this delay, and only two years left in office, what will happen to these plans when mayor Tory loses the next election?
Let’s empower our mayor, prime minister, premier, to have the required amount of intestinal fortitude to make sound business decisions and commit to invest on public transit system that can move people. Help get cars off the roads and provide a better option for cyclists.
Mr mayor, we believe in your vision for Toronto. Just do it!

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