Above and Beyond

Today we will dive into a more serious topic and tackle realtor obligations and duties. Where do the responsibilities and obligations of a professional realtor end?
A recent question from one of our registrants prompted me to define a line between customer care and if “above and beyond ” is infinite.
A recent event with another of our Royal Lepage Supreme registrants further fed into this pursuit of a proper definition. In this most recent case, our client downsized into a lovely two bedroom condo in a familiar and well respected community. Our RLPS registrant was implicit in ensuring a proper exit of the client’s existing home by having movers booked and on time, helped with utility disconnects, ensuring home was left in proper condition and on time for the new home owners, diligent in booking the elevator and leaving a security deposit , on behalf of the client, for a smooth exit and entry of the respective properties, ensuring we had ample time to move and that the move complied with the condominiums regulations.
Upon arrival, sometime between 5:30 and 6 pm of closing day, our registrant, together with the client, arrive at their new home, key in hand!‎ This is where the fun begins. This is where we define realtor obligations and customer service.
The new unit owner has the key, which defines possession. The APS calls for “no later than 6pm”, on closing. The seller, in this case, is still in his unit. Fridge is full, furniture is still strewn about, and his realtor is nowhere to been seen  and non respondent to calls and text.
So, what differentiates one realtor over another?
Does the consumer deserve our absolute best? Of course!  Is there a difference between the two realtors in this case? Of course!  Did one prepare and serve the client (infinitely) while the other did not? Of course! Were both clients served, informed and prepared for this move, equally by their respective realtor? Of course not!
So, there we have it. There is no line, all that exists is a will to go above and beyond the clients expectations, not ours. ‎Picking up keys, booking elevators, delivering deposit cheques on behalf of our client. Helping make clients aware of utility transfers, ensuring our clients are well informed, prepared and aware of their duties, rights and obligations.
A realtor must have the proper marketing and negotiation skills to handle these large and complex financial transactions together, but it should not end there‎. A professional realtor has to do it all, do whatever it takes to ensure every aspect of the transaction goes smoothly for the client.
For those that are looking for the line, aim higher!
At RLPS, helping you is what we do.