Growing Your Own Urban Garden

As the price of produce in Canada soars, growing your own fruits and vegetables in a garden can be a wallet-friendly — and healthier — alternative.

The popularity of urban gardens has increased significantly in the last few years, with even condominiums allowing small green spaces on terraces or rooftops. Here are some tips for growing your very own urban garden!

If you are limited to space, you can maximise your space by using shelving and placing pots throughout the tiers. Another option is to build an herb and vegetable box, which can give you the space and depth required.

As for feeding your plants, its key to emphasise the importance of opting for organic over synthetic fertilizers, especially for plants that you intend on eating.

Avoid watering on top of your plants, keeping plant leaves wet for too long can promote unwanted pests and diseases. Instead, always aim to water the soil around the plant and keep the plant itself dry.

Optimize the organic component by utilizing rain water for your garden. Most garden centres sell rain barrels.

So now one can enjoy the freshness and versatility of harvesting your own produce, as well, one can enjoy the maturing and nurturing process and take pride in knowing one can survive a short term interruption in the normal food supply chain. ‎
And lastly, we enjoy the added special benefits…birds, bees, butterflies and more of mother nature’s little helpers.


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