Oh Canada

Canada prides itself in being a Country defined as a cultural mosaic rather than a cultural melting pot. The mosaic is based on our belief that Canada as a whole benefits from the diversities in cultures, spoken languages, culinary differences, and of course, the people. Walking about on Bloor street from Bloordale to Bloorcourt and onward to the Annex, in Toronto’s west end, tells us a story about our cultural diversity.

One out of 5 people in Canada’s population is foreign-born

According to the first data from the 2011 NHS, Canada had a total of about 6,775,800 foreign-born individuals who arrived as immigrants. They represented 20.6% of the total population, compared with 19.8% in the 2006 Census.

Many of Canada’s foreign-born have lived in the country for many years, while others were relative newcomers.

Around 1,162,900 foreign-born people immigrated in Canada between 2006 and 2011. These recent immigrants made up 17.2% of the total foreign-born population and 3.5% of the total population in Canada. Together with immigrants who came during the first five years of the millennium, nearly 2,155,000 immigrants made Canada home during the last ten years. Canada was built by immigrants for immigrants, and it continues to thrive as it embraces the strengths of its diversity and evolves into a stronger and greater Nation.

We are fortunate to live in a country where we are able to celebrate our cultures so freely, while also celebrating what it means to be Canadian. So this Canada day, let’s celebrate the country that has welcomed us and allowed us to be who we are – thank you Canada!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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